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The South West Surrey Liberal Democrats are always working hard all year round for Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and the surrounding villages.

  • Cobgates
    Article: Oct 24, 2014

    The announcement by the Conservative administration at Surrey County Council that they want close down the six residential homes they still own and run; Brockhurst in Ottershaw, Cobgates in Farnham, Dormers in Caterham, Longfield in Cranleigh, Park Hall in Reigate and Pinehurst in Camberley; came as little surprise to some councillors but must have been a shock to the elderly people who live there and their families.

  • Ken Reed
    Article: Oct 16, 2014

    November 2014 update from Ken Reed on Waverley's New Local Plan

    Over the last few months, I have been recommending that you respond to the New Local Plan Consultation launched by Waverley on the 3rd September. The Consultation asked for your views on four different Scenarios for the distribution of 8,450 new homes, which Waverley say need to be built in Borough between 2013 and 2031. By the time you read this article the Consultation will have closed. However, as I write and with only a few days to go before the closing date of the 17th October, it seems clear from the responses received that there is overwhelming support for Scenario 4, i.e. the option that allocates 3,400 homes to Dunsfold Aerodrome and limits green field development in Cranleigh to just 300 homes. The responses show that four out of five of you want a new community to be built at the Airfield.

  • Cranleigh Greenfields
    Article: Oct 15, 2014

    All households in Waverley should by now have received an edition of their 'Making Waves' magazine which covers the Local Plan and invites feedback - in particular on four potential 'housing scenarios'. Anyone who fears that Waverley will be swamped by new Greenbelt housing development MUST respond to the feedback invitation by 17th October: Waverley's housing development plans will depend on the feedback they get.

  • mental health
    Article: Oct 13, 2014

    For the first time ever, we're introducing waiting times for mental health conditions. This is part of Lib Dem commitments to putting treatment for mental health in line with other NHS services.

    Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has today announced that treatment for mental health conditions will be brought into line with other NHS services with the introduction of the first ever waiting time standards.

  • Stewart Edge
    Article: Oct 9, 2014

    Stewart Edge was able to propose a motion from to Lib Dem Conference safeguarding the NHS from TTIP competition rules. He said:

    The amendment:

    Repealing any parts of the H& S Care Act dealing with competition if they are shown to make NHS services vulnerable to increased privatisation through international agreements on free markets in goods and services

  • Article: Sep 15, 2014

    This week Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg unveiled a "manifesto for the next generation" launching the party's pre-manifesto, an 80-page document that will form the backbone of the party's 2015 election platform.

    Liberal Democrats in South West Surrey have welcomed the announcement in the pre-manifesto that the party will continue to oppose the expansion of Heathrow and Gatwick at a national level.

  • Article: Sep 13, 2014

    Ken Reed says "Remember to tell Waverley that you object to green field development in Cranleigh and surrounding villages"

    All households in Waverley should by now have received a special edition of the Council's magazine 'Making Waves'. This eight page publication, dedicated to the Local Plan, summarises the issues to be considered and identifies four potential scenarios on how housing might be spread around the Borough. It also includes a feedback form for you to send your views to Waverley. This feedback form can be returned 'Freepost' or, if you prefer, can be submitted online. To do this you will need to register and sign in to Waverley's Local Plan portal.

  • Article: Sep 9, 2014
    Chairman of SouthWest Surrey Lib Dems Stewart Edge said:

    "SWS LibDems share the National Health Action Party's view that the NHS, a precious asset of this country, is not safe in Jeremy Hunt's hands and will welcome having the NHS as a major issue in the SWS election campaign.
    SWS needs an MP who can represent constituents on a range of issues, such as using their influence to protect towns from inappropriate development caused by Waverley's failures.
  • Article: Aug 12, 2014

    Stewart Edge, Chairman of South West Surrey Lib Dems said: "At last Waverley are considering building housing at Dunsfold Aerodrome. We note with disappointment that all of the options propose significant green field development: an additional Option - 5000 houses at Dunsfold with NO green field development elsewhere in the Borough - should have been put out for consultation."

  • Article: Aug 11, 2014

    (This first appeared in Cranleigh's Challenger magazine)
    Do you know that Waverley should be consulting with you right now on the next phase of a New Local Plan for the Borough? It would not surprise me if you are unaware as Waverley have made little effort to ensure that the consultation is well publicised. They failed to even mention it in the latest edition of Waverley's magazine "Making Waves", distributed to every address in the Borough, and the consultation will probably be over before the next edition is out.

    Since I last wrote on this subject a few months ago the SECGS (Stop Expansion into Cranleigh Greenfield Sites) petition, signed by more than 1400 local people, has been submitted to Waverley. The petition called on the Council to allocate the building of new homes to brown field (previously developed) land rather than on the countryside surrounding Cranleigh. The petition pointed out that Dunsfold Aerodrome is the largest brown field site in Waverley and should be utilised for new housing before any green field space is concreted over in our area. Although the Councillors on Waverley's Executive seemed to be rather dismissive of the petition they should find it rather more difficult to ignore if a large number of you submit similar comments in response to this consultation.