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The South West Surrey Liberal Democrats are always working hard all year round for Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and the surrounding villages.

  • Article: Jul 15, 2015
    By Stewart Edge in Farnham Herald

    Will housing consultation on Dunsfold mean anything?

    Your boxed letter last week quite rightly highlighted the issue of whether local opinion on building in Badshot Lea will be ignored as Council decisions are made.

    A similar issue will arise regarding Waverley's long awaited local plan. Will this reflect the views of the 80% of consultation respondents who selected the option with 3400 houses at Dunsfold, a statistic about which Waverley's Conservative administration have been suspiciously silent since the consultation last year?

  • Article: May 13, 2015

    Of the 10,000 (Nationally)
    - over half of our new members are aged under 35.
    - the vast majority (82%) have never been a member of the Lib Dems before
    - most (72%) have never been involved any sort of campaign before
    - They want us to start campaigning on a huge range of issues, like protecting the Human Rights Act and blocking the Snoopers Charter.
    - Our oldest new member is 91 (welcome to the family Tily)

  • Article: May 5, 2015

    In the light of recent publicity relating to the National Health Action Party, I must make it clear that the Waverley Liberal Democrat Party does not endorse any other candidate in the General Election 2015. All individuals are free to make up their own minds.

    Stewart Edge, Chairman Waverley Liberal Democrats

  • Article: Apr 28, 2015

    Patrick Haveron has been suspended by the party pending the outcome of investigations into his nominations papers for the Waverley Borough Council election.

    He has been suspended from the Liberal Democrats and no longer represents the Liberal Democrats in any of the General, Waverley or Godalming Town elections.

  • Stewart Edge
    Article: Apr 7, 2015

    Following the decision of Waverley's Joint Planning Committee to grant a housing application by a developer for the first time on green fields in Farnham - 120 houses on the Beavers Road / Crondall Lane 'Hopfields' site - I think some comments need to be made about how and why this has happened.

    Firstly if Waverley Council had established an agreed local plan then the National rules ('NPPF') should have had the fields, if developed at all, as the last of the green field sites in Farnham to be developed because of their clear amenity value. As officers made clear in the first Planning Committee meeting, without a plan they have had to take developer proposals as they arrive. In addition in the Neighbourhood Plan consultation this site was the only one of 7 available proposed greenfield sites in Farnham that a majority of residents voted to reject: following this result other potential sites should have been considered.

    Secondly, it is ludicrous that a requirement for electric charging points and cycle racks was claimed to be sufficient to mitigate the effect of the development's extra traffic on the illegal Air Quality levels in Central Farnham nearby. It seems that there is absolutely no argument about the effect of extra traffic on Farnham that will restrain Surrey and Waverley Councils from approving new housing.

    Thirdly the failure to ensure, by insisting on a new right of way, that residents of the new development could walk directly into the town centre without a ½ km detour is in direct conflict with the NPPF and its intent to require 'sustainable' development which minimises new car traffic .

    However, disappointed though we are, we would like to thank the more than 400 people who took the trouble to write objecting to the proposal. In this case this pressure did have some success in persuading the developers, after the deferral of a decision at the first meeting, to agree to about half the total site including the top field being permanent open space, secured by legal agreements. This at least retains some space for the dog walking and other recreation which has taken place on the fields for decades.

  • Cranleigh Greenfields
    Article: Mar 27, 2015

    "Waverley Council is no longer a nice place to work and the wrong people are in the wrong jobs. Very little has been achieved during the last four years and on the contrary the Council has shown an alarming lack of leadership in progressing its Local Plan development blueprint."

    The above quote, reported in the Farnham Herald, comes from Cllr Roger Steel, Conservative Councillor for Farnham Moor Park and a former Waverley Executive Member. In the same report he also said, "I've fought a losing battle for Farnham for a long time and feel like I'm knocking my head on a brick wall." He seems so disenchanted with the Conservative Administration's failure to act in the best interests of the people of Waverley over the last four years that he has now turned down the chance to stand for a further term ahead of this May's Borough Council election.

  • heathrow plane noise
    Article: Mar 20, 2015

    Calls by Liberal Democrats for no more runways at Heathrow and Gatwick were voted down by the Conservatives at County Hall yesterday.

    Cllr Ian Beardsmore, (Sunbury Common and Ashford Common) said: "With Heathrow claiming that expansion there would mean 120,000 new jobs, there is deep concern as to where these people will live and the consequent impact on the green belt. The local councils near to Heathrow are already struggling to meet housing demand. A similar threat remains should Gatwick be chosen over Heathrow with large areas of countryside in the southern part of Surrey at risk of being destroyed. The Conservatives refused to face up to or to answer these concerns."

  • Fiona White
    Article: Mar 9, 2015

    One privately owned residential care home in Surrey has recently been closed by Care Quality Commission meaning that older people had to be moved at short notice. Another home close to Surrey's borders which the council has used for care packages was also closed down. A check of Care Quality Commission's website shows that there are 5 privately owned homes within 13 miles of Guildford where they have been found to be inadequate in one or more categories.

  • Ken Reed
    Article: Mar 8, 2015

    I have now been reporting on Waverley's new Local Development Plan for the last 18 months and it would seem that our Borough Councillors are as far now from producing an up-to-date Plan as they were when I wrote my first article in September 2013. While this appalling situation persists it will effectively be the developers and not the Council who will decide where new homes are built in Waverley. As such the countryside and green fields on the edges of our villages will remain under threat until such time as Waverley has a new Plan.

  • Article: Feb 9, 2015

    The recently published County Council Budget for 2015/16 has revealed a reduction of £400,000 in funding for Highways and Transport compared with this year. The Budget is set to be decided by the County Council on 10 February.

    Cllr Stephen Cooksey, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Highways and Transport said: "I am calling on the Conservative administration at County Hall to increase funding for Highways and Transport by £1 million by transferring the money from Business Services. The Highways budget is set to overspend by nearly £1 million this year whilst Business Services is expected to underspend by £4.5 million. It therefore makes sense to put the money where it is needed, with Highways and Transport.