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The South West Surrey Liberal Democrats are always working hard all year round for Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and the surrounding villages.

  • Cllr Ken Reed, Waverley
    Article: Nov 27, 2014

    The New Local Plan Consultation undertaken by Waverley in September and October has revealed an overwhelming preference from residents to develop a new community at Dunsfold Aerodrome. From the four options (Scenarios) suggested, nine out of ten respondents expressed a preference for housing development at Dunsfold Aerodrome. The most favoured option, (Scenario 4 in the Consultation), would result in 40% of the Borough's housing need being fulfilled at Dunsfold Aerodrome. With 3400 homes at Dunsfold Aerodrome the rest of the Borough would still have to provide 5050 homes, i.e. 60% of the 470 homes per year required up to 2031.

  • Ken Reed
    Article: Nov 25, 2014

    In last Friday's Advertiser (14 November) the owners of two Cranleigh retail businesses, Manns and One Forty, came out in support of the Berkeley Homes and Knowle Park Initiative schemes to build 690 new homes in the village. Unfortunately, the arguments put forward by Richard Graham and Richard Womack seemed to me to be based on a false premise; in their letter they seemed to suggest that objectors are against any development. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Stewart Edge
    Article: Nov 8, 2014

    Lib Dems asked Waverley Borough Council some urgent questions on the Local Plan this week. You can watch on Youtube here:

    Patrick Haveron asked: "According to Cllr Paul Spooner, Executive member for Governance at Guildford Borough Council, Waverley have blocked the release of the joint SHMA report with Guildford & Woking, that has been available for several months. Why wasn't this key document used to inform the Local Plan consultation?"

  • Patrick Haveron Godalming
    Article: Oct 28, 2014

    After the closure of the Waverley Consultation on Housing Scenarios the Council's web site shows a massive 83% in favour of the scenario which put 3400 houses at Dunsfold, (the maximum offered on the site in the consultation).

    Patrick Haveron, Liberal Democrat spokesperson, pointed out that it also showed that 55% of respondents thought there was no scope for greenfield development outside of the main settlements, with 37% thinking there was.
    "This clearly indicates to me that a majority of respondents would want 5000 houses at Dunsfold to avoid building on greenfields elsewhere (as well as enabling better infrastructure at Dunsfiold). Having carried out the consultation, Waverley should now follow through with plans which match what people have said."

  • Patrick Haveron Square
    Article: Oct 28, 2014

    Waverley Liberal Democrats have elected Patrick Haveron as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the May 2015 General Election. Patrick was brought up and still lives in the constituency in Godalming. After University he started his business in Godalming and became Chairman of the Self Start workshops, championing small business in Surrey. He was a Liberal Democrat Waverley Councillor from 2003 - 2007, holding the Planning Portfolio. He is active in local community activities, chairing the Godalming Neighbourhood Plan Housing group and campaigning on local issues such as affordable housing, the environment, small businesses and Tescos. He is also a keen cyclist and environmental campaigner.

  • Cobgates
    Article: Oct 24, 2014

    The announcement by the Conservative administration at Surrey County Council that they want close down the six residential homes they still own and run; Brockhurst in Ottershaw, Cobgates in Farnham, Dormers in Caterham, Longfield in Cranleigh, Park Hall in Reigate and Pinehurst in Camberley; came as little surprise to some councillors but must have been a shock to the elderly people who live there and their families.

  • Ken Reed
    Article: Oct 16, 2014

    November 2014 update from Ken Reed on Waverley's New Local Plan

    Over the last few months, I have been recommending that you respond to the New Local Plan Consultation launched by Waverley on the 3rd September. The Consultation asked for your views on four different Scenarios for the distribution of 8,450 new homes, which Waverley say need to be built in Borough between 2013 and 2031. By the time you read this article the Consultation will have closed. However, as I write and with only a few days to go before the closing date of the 17th October, it seems clear from the responses received that there is overwhelming support for Scenario 4, i.e. the option that allocates 3,400 homes to Dunsfold Aerodrome and limits green field development in Cranleigh to just 300 homes. The responses show that four out of five of you want a new community to be built at the Airfield.

  • Cranleigh Greenfields
    Article: Oct 15, 2014

    All households in Waverley should by now have received an edition of their 'Making Waves' magazine which covers the Local Plan and invites feedback - in particular on four potential 'housing scenarios'. Anyone who fears that Waverley will be swamped by new Greenbelt housing development MUST respond to the feedback invitation by 17th October: Waverley's housing development plans will depend on the feedback they get.

  • mental health
    Article: Oct 13, 2014

    For the first time ever, we're introducing waiting times for mental health conditions. This is part of Lib Dem commitments to putting treatment for mental health in line with other NHS services.

    Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has today announced that treatment for mental health conditions will be brought into line with other NHS services with the introduction of the first ever waiting time standards.

  • Stewart Edge
    Article: Oct 9, 2014

    Stewart Edge was able to propose a motion from to Lib Dem Conference safeguarding the NHS from TTIP competition rules. He said:

    The amendment:

    Repealing any parts of the H& S Care Act dealing with competition if they are shown to make NHS services vulnerable to increased privatisation through international agreements on free markets in goods and services